Thank you for taking a look at our case studies from Biology for the Informed Citizen, our new introductory biology for non-science majors textbook.

Our goal with Biology for the Informed Citizen was to create a book that, more than any other non-science majors biology book, helps students connect the concepts of biology with the consequences of biology—the consequences that each individual can and should see in every facet of his or her life, if only trained to identify them.

Our hope is that by seeing these connections, students will enhance their abilities to make informed decisions about issues where biology intersects with their personal lives, communities, and society at large.

One of the principal ways we accomplish this goal is beginning each chapter with a rich case study—an interesting issue, question, or problem that provides a con­text for the biological concepts that follow. These cases frame each chapter and demonstrate how understanding biology can help students make informed decisions about important issues. Examples of cases we introduce include “Sickle Cell Disease, Malaria, and Human Evolution”; “The Infidelity Gene”; and “Is Anyone ‘Just Right’?” These three articles address how genes influence our health, personal relationships, and body image, respectively.

Biology for the Informed Citizen covers the foundational concepts that comprise a standard non-science majors introductory biology course, but does so on a “need-to-know” basis, placing biological topics within the context of important cultural and social issues, but without excessive detail. The text aims to teach non-science majors the concepts of biology, evolution, and the process of science so that they can apply their knowledge as informed consumers and users of scientific information.

Thank you again for reading and providing us with your feedback! We hope that this text will help students become more scientifically literate and informed citizens.


Donna M. Bozzone