…the materials took us to the new millennium.
Ayodotun Sodipe
- Texas Southern University

The different approach — toward making a biology-informed citizen is obvious and refreshing.
Pamela Thinesen
- Century College

…this text is better than the one we are currently using. It is written in a more student friendly manner and the material is not presented in an overly complex way.
Andrew Goliszek
- North Carolina A&T State University

“I particularly like that [Bozzone] focuses on connections and provides lots of real world examples.”
Erin Rempala
- San Diego City College

“…the focus on the examples will get students interested and hooked into learning the details so they are able to fully understand!”
Anna Schmidt
- University of Wisconsin Platteville

“[Bozzone] makes biology interdisciplinary and for our nonmajors that is HUGE.”
Dwina Willis
- Freed-Hardeman University

“Non-science major students need to understand how science plays a role in every day life and this text does that.”
Tonya Bates
- UNC Charlotte

“I think this speaks to the non-major and that’s why I really like it…it’s as if I wrote it!”
Laine Gurley
- Harper College

“The emphasis on scientific literacy and relevance of material is spot on.”
Michael Rutledge
- Middle Tennessee State University

“A wholly stimulating approach to the subject of biology…”
Gerald Posner
- Broward College