The “Life Application” feature in each chapter of Biology for the Informed Citizen presents student with a specific example illustrating how biological knowledge can be used to help individuals and society make informed decisions.

The Scientific Study of Life
1. The Nature of Biology
Why Does Biology Matter to You?

Life Application: Determining When Life Has Ended

2. The Nature of Science
How Do We Know How the World Works?

Life Application: Childbed Fever

Reproduction and Inheritance

3. Human Development
How Do Cells Make a Person?

Life Application: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

4. Inheritance, Genes, and Physical Characteristics
Does Disease Have a Genetic Basis?

Life Application: The Effectiveness of Genetic Screening

5. Cancer
How Can It Be Prevented, Diagnosed, and Treated?

Life Application: Chemoprevention

6. Reproduction
What “Kind” of Baby Is It?

Life Application: Gender Testing in Sports

7. Plants, Agriculture, and Genetic Engineering
Can We Create Better Plants and Animals?

Life Application: From Teosinte to Maize

8. Health Care and the Human Genome
How Will We Use Our New Medical and Genetic Skills?

Life Application: Sex Selection

9. Evolution
How Do Species Arise and Adapt?

Life Application: Public Acceptance of Evolution

10. The Evolution of Disease
Why Do We Get Sick?

Life Application: Malaria and DDT

Physiology: The Body in Health and Disease

11. Homeostasis
Why is it important that the body maintain its internal balance?

Life Application: How to Avoid Dehydration

12. Circulation and Respiration
What If Your Body Doesn’t Get the Oxygen It Needs?

Life Application: How Erections Are Produced

13. The Nervous System
Does Your Brain Determine Who You Are?

Life Application: Concussion

14. Infectious Disease and the Immune System
How Are Invaders Repelled, Evaded, or Killed?

Life Application: Organ and Tissue Transplantation

15. Nutrition, Activity, and Wellness
How Can We Live a Healthy Lifestyle?

Life Application: Drunkorexia

Interacting with Nature

16. Ecology
How Do We Benefit from a Functional Ecosystem?

Life Application: Ecology and Human Conflict

17. Biodiversity and Human Affairs
How Is the Human Race Like a Meteorite?

Life Application: The Importance of Genetic Diversity

18. Human Population Growth
How Many People Can a Single Planet Hold?

Life Application: The Demographics of China

The ‘Life Application’ module … was short and succinct and also packed a punch … clear, concise, well-chosen examples. Bravo.
Paul Gier
- Huntingdon College

It shows students that don’t want to be biologists but do want to work with people the importance of understanding culture, communication, and knowledge when working with any community.
Vanessa Quinn
- Purdue University North Central

… a great illustration about how biology is not a stand-alone discipline.
Kimberly Zahn
- Thomas Nelson Community College

Students rarely stop to think about how biology (and science in general) influence and impact their daily lives. This Life Application does a good job of showing how a particular bit of biological knowledge can be used …
Justin Anderson
- Radford University

VERY well done! I really like that you combine data and multifaceted explanations in succinct description.
Christiane Healey
- University of Massachusetts Amherst

This feature did a great job … it shows the connections between biology and medicine and a social issue.
Sandra Gibbons
- Moraine Valley Community College