authorsDonna Bozzone and the late Douglas Green began their professional and personal relationship in 1978 when they met as graduate students at Princeton University. Between the two of them, they have taught Introductory Biology to non-science majors and majors, as well as most of the basic courses in a biology program, including Cell Biology, Genetics, Developmental Biology, Ecology, Evolution, Microbiology, Plant Developmental Physiology, Vertebrate Anatomy, Science Writing. They have also led seminars in the History of Biology, the History of Medicine, and Evolutionary Medicine.

Prior to their meeting, Doug completed his undergraduate degree at Stanford University in 1975 and Donna earned her B.S. at Manhattan College in 1978. Doug taught biology at Vassar College and Holy Cross College after completing his PhD. He also earned a graduate degree in computer science. Donna spent several years conducting postdoctoral research at the Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology. In 1987, they headed to Saint Michael’s College in Vermont.

Over the course of twenty-five years at Saint Michael’s College, Donna Bozzone developed a deep understanding of what motivates students to learn about and apply science to their everyday lives.

Both Donna and Doug received the Joanne Rathgeb Teaching Award, the highest teaching honor at Saint Michael’s College. Their proudest accomplishments, however, are their two college-age daughters (even though neither one majored in biology!).