“Scientist Spotlight” essays in each chapter of Biology for the Informed Citizen provide biographical information and historical context about the real individuals whose scientific discoveries have made tremendous impacts on all of our lives. Students can use these essays to broaden their understanding of the contributions these scientists have made to their fields, as well as to connect scientific discoveries to their own life experiences.

The Scientific Study of Life
1. The Nature of Biology
Why Does Biology Matter to You?


Scientist Spotlight: Carol W. Greider (1961–)

2. The Nature of Science
How Do We Know How the World Works?


Scientist Spotlight: Robert Koch (1843–1910)

Reproduction and Inheritance

3. Human Development
How Do Cells Make a Person?


Scientist Spotlight: Anton van Leeuwenhoek (1632–1723)

4. Inheritance, Genes, and Physical Characteristics
Does Disease Have a Genetic Basis?


Scientist Spotlight: Rosalind Franklin (1920–1958)

5. Cancer
How Can It Be Prevented, Diagnosed, and Treated?


Scientist Spotlight: Peyton Rous (1879–1970)

6. Reproduction
What “Kind” of Baby Is It?


Scientist Spotlight: Virginia Apgar (1909–1974)

7. Plants, Agriculture, and Genetic Engineering
Can We Create Better Plants and Animals?


Scientist Spotlight: Kary Mullis (1944–)

8. Health Care and the Human Genome
How Will We Use Our New Medical and Genetic Skills?


Scientist Spotlight: Nancy Wexler (1945–)

9. Evolution
How Do Species Arise and Adapt?


Scientist Spotlight: Sir Ronald Aylmer Fisher (1890–1962)

10. The Evolution of Disease
Why Do We Get Sick?


Scientist Spotlight: Paul W. Ewald (1953–)

Physiology: The Body in Health and Disease

11. Homeostasis
Why is it important that the body maintain its internal balance?


Scientist Spotlight: Homer William Smith (1895–1962)

12. Circulation and Respiration
What If Your Body Doesn’t Get the Oxygen It Needs?


Scientist Spotlight: Michael Ellis DeBakey (1908–2008)

13. The Nervous System
Does Your Brain Determine Who You Are?


Scientist Spotlight: Linda B. Buck (1947–)

14. Infectious Disease and the Immune System
How Are Invaders Repelled, Evaded, or Killed?


Scientist Spotlight: Anthony S. Fauci (1940–)

15. Nutrition, Activity, and Wellness
How Can We Live a Healthy Lifestyle?


Scientist Spotlight: Linus Pauling (1901–1994)

Interacting with Nature

16. Ecology
How Do We Benefit from a Functional Ecosystem?


Scientist Spotlight: Robert Helmer MacArthur (1930–1972)

17. Biodiversity and Human Affairs
How Is the Human Race Like a Meteorite?


Scientist Spotlight: E. O. Wilson (1929–)

18. Human Population Growth
How Many People Can a Single Planet Hold?


Scientist Spotlight: Donnella Meadows (1941–2001)

Great feature. I would use it in my lectures.
Rani Vajravelu
- University of Central Florida

I really enjoyed the Scientist Spotlight feature … It helps [students] appreciate some of the processes involved in learning about nature and science. They realize that many different scientists are involved and that science is a collaborative effort, not carried out by a single individual. It also helps them understand the human side of science, and the importance of considering ethics and fairness when conducting research or developing new technologies.
Liza Mohanty
- Olive-Harvey College

… well written and described … demonstrates that many discoveries are rarely made in isolation, rather they are the hard work of many.
Sue Hum-Musser
- Western Illinois University

… great segment for students to learn about the people and not just memorizing their name and discovery. Humanizing [scientists] by telling their story is a great idea.
Scott Johnson
- Wake Tech Community College

The biographical aspect of [Scientist Spotlight] really places this work above many other textbooks …
Ayodotun Sodipe
- Texas Southern University

Great section! …this section would definitely help broaden the students’ understanding of the history of biology and the importance of individual contribution to our understanding of the natural world.
Jennifer Wiatrowski
- Pasco-Hernando Community College