A great deal of what is known in biology and continues to be studied depends upon the development and implementation of specific methods and techniques. The Technology Connection feature in every chapter provides students with information on specific methods or techniques that biologists use to answer questions.

The Scientific Study of Life
1. The Nature of Biology
Why Does Biology Matter to You?

Technology Connection: Identifying the “Infidelity Gene”

2. The Nature of Science
How Do We Know How the World Works?

Technology Connection: Throat Cultures

Reproduction and Inheritance

3. Human Development
How Do Cells Make a Person?

Technology Connection: Ultrasound

4. Inheritance, Genes, and Physical Characteristics
Does Disease Have a Genetic Basis?

Technology Connection: Electrophoresis

5. Cancer
How Can It Be Prevented, Diagnosed, and Treated?

Technology Connection: Computerized Tomography (CT) Scans

6. Reproduction
What “Kind” of Baby Is It?

Technology Connection: Home Pregnancy Tests

7. Plants, Agriculture, and Genetic Engineering
Can We Create Better Plants and Animals?

Technology Connection: How to Transform Cells

8. Health Care and the Human Genome
How Will We Use Our New Medical and Genetic Skills?

Technology Connection: Who’s the Daddy?

9. Evolution
How Do Species Arise and Adapt?

Technology Connection: Genbank

10. The Evolution of Disease
Why Do We Get Sick?

Technology Connection: How Vaccines Are Made

Physiology: The Body in Health and Disease

11. Homeostasis
Why is it important that the body maintain its internal balance?

Technology Connection: Dialysis

12. Circulation and Respiration
What If Your Body Doesn’t Get the Oxygen It Needs?

Technology Connection: Cardiopulmonary Bypass Machine

13. The Nervous System
Does Your Brain Determine Who You Are?

Technology Connection: Measuring Brain Activity

14. Infectious Disease and the Immune System
How Are Invaders Repelled, Evaded, or Killed?

Technology Connection: Monoclonal Antibodies: Magic Bullets?

15. Nutrition, Activity, and Wellness
How Can We Live a Healthy Lifestyle?

Technology Connection: “Guaranteed” Six-Pack Abs

Interacting with Nature

16. Ecology
How Do We Benefit from a Functional Ecosystem?

Technology Connection: Biological Control of Schistosomiasis

17. Biodiversity and Human Affairs
How Is the Human Race Like a Meteorite?

Technology Connection: Satellite Imagery

18. Human Population Growth
How Many People Can a Single Planet Hold?

Technology Connection: Male Contraception

This feature very clearly introduces students to an advancement in science and makes the connection to everyday life. I like it a lot …
Tiffany Bensen
- University of Mississippi

…shows the importance of technology to society
David Luther
- George Mason University

Keeps things relevant to other fields … so the computer science major can see the application as well as the life science major.
Steven Brumbaugh
- Green River Community College

nice discussion of how science is actually done.
Robert Ruliffson
- Minneapolis Community and Technical College

This is a current, up-to-date technology aspect that will engage students.
Katrinka Bartush
- University of North Texas