I enjoyed how the sample chapters related evolutionary information to everyday things experienced. The chapters helped me to see the world in a different light and look at the world with an evolutionary perspective.
Mary Schmidt
- University of Notre Dame

I genuinely enjoyed everything about the chapters. I was able to retain so much of the information due to the simple fact that I wasn’t bored to tears. I wish my text books were all this straightforward.
Lyndyl Victoria Randall
- Tarrant County College

I really liked the case studies and the life application sections the most because they showed us how Biology does affect us in our everyday lives which gave you more incentive to study and know the material.
Jennifer Iacucci
- Houghton College

[The authors] included ways to help you connect better with the reading.
Patricia S.Duggan
- Wake Technical Community College

[I enjoyed] the connections the chapters had to real life situations
- Furman University

I enjoyed the fact it was easy for me to understand and made me find joy in the subject of biology …
Jordan Silverthorne
- North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University

[Bozzone took] scientific concepts and applied them into real life situations that I would actually be able to associate with outside the classroom.
Katie Pitchford
- Seattle University

[Bozzone] helped me to see in a diffrent way how biology effects everday life.
Crystal Ford
- Texas Southern University

I enjoyed the variety of graphics and diagrams used to help students visualize the processes described in the chapters, as well as the experimental process behind important scientific discoveries.
Rachel Hughes
- University of Notre Dame

I was more engaged in the readings, and was able to understand what I was actually reading.
Jaclyn McGuire
- Western Oregon University