Issues of Globalization:

Case Studies in Contemporary Anthropology

Series Editor: Carla Freeman, Emory University

This series introduces key concepts and theories of globalization through rich and compelling ethnography. It offers new research through case studies in a style and format appropriate for both students and scholars of Anthropology and related fields. We showcase ethnographies that push the field forward in a scholarly way and also serve as good teaching tools. Specific topics might address migration, labor, consumption, popular culture, health, food, religion, art and performance, etc. as they help to illuminate processes of globalization. These case studies foreground the specificity of place, culture and history, and also introduce analytical themes, theory, and debates central to our understanding of globalization in the contemporary world.

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  • Proposals wanted.

    We are actively looking for new projects that fit this description. We are especially interested in representing a wide variety of geographic areas. Please contact Series Editor Carla Freeman ( or Executive Editor Sherith Pankratz ( with inquiries regarding manuscript submission.

  • Forthcoming

    "Sacred Rice"

    An Ethnography of Identity,
    Environment, and Development
    in Rural West Africa
    by Joanna Davidson, Boston University

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