Paul OkamiPaul Okami, author of Psychology: Contemporary Perspectives 1/e soon to be published by Oxford University Press, received his B.A. from Hunter College, and his M.A. and PhD from the University of California at Los Angeles.  He is Adjunct Professor of Psychology at Widener University and a member of the Association for Psychological Science. While still a graduate student, Okami published research in the areas of sexuality, evolutionary psychology, and child development. Some of this work gained wide recognition by top experts in related fields. Since then, he has had more than 15 years of  experience teaching introductory psychology and numerous other courses—including courses of his own construction– at a wide variety of colleges at both the two and four year level.  He has taught traditional classes in personality, human sexuality, evolutionary psychology, abnormal psychology, introductory psychology, and research methods; as well as courses he designed in the psychology of social problems, personality and communication, and the evolutionary psychology of mass media images. In particular, Okami’s love of psychology and teaching enabled him to achieve spectacular success teaching the introductory psychology course to incoming freshman students—an experience that ultimately resulted in his decision to create a new undergraduate psychology textbook.

Dr. Okami remained associated with UCLA as a researcher and adjunct teacher until 2004, when he moved to Pennsylvania with his wife and two young daughters to write, teach, and be a stay-at-home father and homeschooler to his daughters.  Dr. Okami currently teaches introductory psychology as an adjunct professor at Widener University. He is also an amateur jazz musician, cook and baker, and a long-time practitioner and instructor of traditional Japanese and Okinawan martial arts.

With a compelling narrative, Psychology: Contemporary Perspectives captures the excitement, complexity, strengths, and fragilities of the discipline as it exists today, through contemporary perspectives and a scholarly “back to basics” approach that is suitable for all levels of students.

This forward-looking book focuses on where the field of contemporary psychology is going. Okami’s primary objective is to create a highly readable and pedagogically sound text that is built around what we know about how students learn. Engaging with solid, empirical research from the many fields that currently inform the field of psychology, this 21st-century textbook reflects the latest advances in such fields as behavioral genetics, neuroscience, cognitive psychology, evolutionary psychology, consciousness studies, positive psychology, and cross-cultural psychology. The perspective is fully contemporary, emphasizes critical thought and psychological science, and conveys with accuracy the breadth of opportunity in the field of psychology.