This is the best textbook that I have ever read. The chapters read like a novel. I loved the personal anecdotes that were included.

Ryan Clark - Skyline College

I liked that the text was intertwined with not only facts, but studies, statistics, and examples. It made the information all very interesting and easy to read.

Shaleigh Phillips - Coastal Carolina University

All the chapters were very inviting and made learning about psychology entertaining. I feel like I remember more from Okami’s text than from the other text we were using in class.

Kelsea Richmer - Indiana University Southeast

I enjoyed that the book was written at a highly intellectual level, but still could be understood by the average student.

Aaron Breneman - Rock Valley College

Very well organized, very descriptive, very easy to understand the subjects, and filled with interesting examples.

Flavia Oros - San Joaquin Delta College

The chapters were easy to read, easy to follow, and filled with important facts.

Bill Foster - Yakima Valley Community College

I found that I gained a better perspective from the text because of its helpful blurbs and information reinforcers throughout each chapter.

Kamilla - Wake Forest University

The chapter that we read was thorough and genuinely interesting. The inclusion of specific examples to support main ideas, such as the sample moral dilemmas, kept me engaged and clarified the information.

Madeleine Duretete - University of Portland

I enjoyed the pictures dealing with our society today. I could relate to the problems because they were recent. I was eager to continue reading.

Bree Purkey - Tarrent County College, Northwest Campus

I enjoyed the writing style, the amount of information and examples presented, and the greatly descriptive key terms. The chapter reviews were also extremely helpful.

Anna Parisotto - Santa Barbara City College

It is concise, yet interesting. I think it is a very good textbook, and I greatly prefer it to our current textbook.

Kirsten Nitz - Wheaton College, IL

Reading the chapters was very interesting. I have not read anything like these chapters before.

Kirsten Nitz - Spokane Falls Community College

The chapters were very detailed and went into depth about each subject, which helped to better the reader’s understanding of the material. I really enjoyed the text and it was very helpful for the class.

Paul Doggett - Illinois State University

The chapters move smoothly and are more conversational, making the material easier to understand and retain.

Alyssa Jackson - Chaminade University of Honolulu